NUTRITION // 4 steps to set up your diet for fat loss

Step 1: eat the same foods almost every day

Choose 4-5 lean protein sources that you like, and 3-4 sources of starchy carbs and make that the base of your diet. On top of these you’ll include a large variety of veggies every day and one or two fruits.


Protein sources: chicken breast, eggs, salmon, tinned tuna and beef burgers

Starchy carbs: sweet potatoes, wraps, rice and bread

Veggies: all types of fresh vegetables (salad, cabbage, carrots, broccoli, spinach, kale…)

Fats: you get the majority from protein sources, but also have smatterings of butter, olive oil, (i.e. in a spray bottle)

The key is that these are all low in calories compared to their volume and satiety index – by eating these we reach fullness at a lower caloric intake.

Foods to avoid: excess oil, high fat protein sources (high fat cheese, fatty bacon, salami, sausages), high fat snacks (chips and fried food) and high carb foods (sweets, bakery products, pasta, salty snacks).

You don’t need to completely give them up, just don’t have them daily. In order to eat them and make room for the calories, you will have to give something else up.

Step 2: Eat protein and veggies in every main meal

Protein is the most satiating nutrient, and veggies are very filling and low in calories – not to mention they contain a multitude of health benefits. Eat as many carbs as protein, and fat wise just make one of your daily protein sources higher in fat, such as eggs, or a fattier cut of meat etc.

Step 3: Learn to eyeball quantities

Your hand is a great way or measuring portion size when you can’t use a scale. Here is a great guide.

Step 4: cook/buy only as much food as you intend to eat

The reality is, the more food that there is available, the more we will eat. Therefore:

  1. Don’t cook more food than you intend to eat

Because who cooks a pizza and says ‘its okay I’ll have half now and half tomorrow’?

  1. Don’t keep snacks in the house

The easier it is for us to get tasty snacks, the more difficult it is to resist.

Instead just cook as much as you need, or if you want ice cream just buy one cone not a whole tub.

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