BEST SELF PROJECT // week’s 3 & 4


Hello! It’s been two weeks since my last update and January is almost over. I promised I would be honest about this process of bettering myself, body and mental state. The first 2 week’s were pretty good and I made steady progress – body fat went down, energy increased and nutrient intake was great. This lasted up until I went home for 48 hours and just never quite got back into the swing of things properly.

So what’s up? I totally don’t want to make excuses but there are factors which contributed.

  1. The Friday before I went away, I attended a party for my friend’s birthday. I drove, and took a bottle of non-alcoholic red wine (which was very meh) however there were lots of delicious snacks on offer and I allowed myself a few.
  2. When I went home, I feasted (correct word) on my step-Dad’s amazing cooking. He cooks food to restaurant standard, so think big portions, lashings of butter and tons of carbs. However they manage on only two meals a day, it’s quality over quantity and they’re used to eating this way. Me on the other hand ended up eating more because my body expected regular meals and sent out hunger signals not realising that dinner was massive. Drinks were also flowing plus the weather was dreadful so we spent most of our time indoors socialising rather than going for walks outside. So calories burned were far fewer.
  3. When I got back, my period started and with it came cravings for chocolate, cake and sugar in general. I gave in one morning and bought some granola – my crack – and ate the entire box in four days on top of my usual calories. Walking down the cereal aisle whilst hungry, cold and tired is not a good idea it seems!
  4. I am currently quite stressed about money. All of my outgoings seem to be happening all at once – car insurance, MOT, tax return and pre-booking our trip in summer to Canada. Some people cannot stomach food when they get stressed, but I have the opposite problem.

The last thing I want to do is beat myself up and dwell on how better I could have been, but I always forget how strong hormones are and how they make you feel. When I got back to Newcastle I was straight back to work and had no time to get a decent food shop in – I was unprepared, so just grabbed food on the go. I kept tracking on MyFitnessPal but basically went back up to maintenance calories to be kind to myself during this time. My period is now on the way out (I get them for about 7-10 days and it SUCKS) so I am ready to refocus. Here are some tips going forward:

  • Granola is not the best food to have if you are trying to be healthy and lose body fat. It is incredibly calorie dense, high in sugar and very moreish. Really easy to eat 500 calories in one go and not feel as satisfied as if you had a proper meal with wholefoods.
  • Stock the kitchen with craving-busters. For me this is non-alcoholic beer, sparkling water, berry squash, popcorn and apples.
  • Take the 1 tsp sugar back out of that coffee! It snuck back in, and sugar messes with hunger signals and makes you crave sweet stuff. I noticed that last week I averaged a whopping 84g sugar per day, compared to the first week which was 60g average.
  • Try some non-food related self-care. Grab that manicure and bubble bath you promised yourself.

So it wasn’t all doom and gloom! Here are the good points:

  • I didn’t actually put on much unwanted weight.
  • Crossfit remained a constant. I will do everything in my power to keep my sessions in! It was a good week for progress, 75kg x 5 back squat and a record of 20 double-unders.
  • The highlight for me was a restorative trip to the beach, reminding me of one of the many benefits of not working 9-5pm. Getting some daylight mid-winter, no traffic, no food queues at your favourite beach cafe, and the whole beach to yourself and your pup.

WORKOUTS (week’s 3 & 4)

5 x CrossFit classes (346 average calorie burn)

Average daily steps: 14,391

Average daily calorie burn: 2331

(worked out from FitBit)


Weight: 9 stone 1.6lbs average (-0.4lb)

Body Fat: 25.1% average (-0.3%)

Average calorie intake: 2157 (-174 deficit)


Weight: 9 stone 2lbs average (-1.5lb)

Body Fat: 25.4% average (-0.3%)

Average calorie intake: 1991 (-420 deficit)


Plateaus are not uncommon, and progress is very rarely linear. Key is not to give up and keep pushing towards your goal. As I write this at the beginning of week 5 I am feeling bloated, my skin sucks and my stress levels are pretty high and my weigh in this morning was totally in the opposite direction of what I’m after BUT I refuse to let it dictate how I feel.

Although this is a bit of an experiment I am not sure how I feel about weighing myself everyday and tracking every day. However it is not forever and it really does teach you about nutrition, macros and how your body reacts to changes in the diet. See you next week! Check me out on instagram for daily updates and recipes too 🙂

Elly x


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