So it’s been a full two weeks since I started tracking my calories, weight, body fat %, water intake and my mental health.

It’s been quite a good week, though there have been some ups and downs.

  1. Nearly meeting my protein macros. My average protein has increased from 25% last week to 28% this week. Getting towards that 30% slow and steady. Keeping protein up during fat loss helps with satiety and preserves the muscle you build, which will give you that ‘toned’ look you’re after.
  2. Hormones have been stable this week, and avoiding sugar and processed food has meant hardly any bloating or irritability. Fantastic for everyone!
  3. Keeping busy. At the moment I am working pretty much every day – the joys of self-employment – but I wouldn’t change it. I relish the challenge, and I get to do what I love. Sleep has been a bit less as a result, so I am averaging 7hrs 30 instead of my usual 8.
  4. Being mindful. I am learning to recognise hunger signals better, which may sound like a basic human function but honestly I think I forgot what real hunger felt like. When you love food so much that your life revolves around it, you just want to taste things regularly and pick all day. But now I feel much more in control, and know the difference between cravings and hunger. Cravings pass, hunger doesn’t!

My successes this week include:

  • Still keeping water levels up – also re-introduced a new morning drink of hot water, lemon and apple cider vinegar. I drank this religiously when I did a charity cave-woman challenge, and enjoyed the palette cleansing effect. There’s a ton of info out there on how it can help you to lose weight and curb your appetite, but I’m going to take that with a pinch of salt.
  • Adding more meal prepping into the week, including the protein balls and new recipes from Rhitrition which were very rich in vegetables. Perfect for making your meals seem bigger!
  • I pushed hard at the gym, and signed up for the CrossFit Open which starts in February.
  • I turned down the pub a record of four times. I bought in some non-alcoholic beer and had a couple of those whilst watching Blue Planet II, and didn’t mind the lack of alcohol. Happy days!

Some things to be aware of next week are:

  • Hormonal changes. Probably TMI but next week is period week, so I expect cravings to kick up a notch and my weight to fluctuate. My strategy is kindness, some healthy treats and non-food related medication such as bubble baths and manicures.
  • This week I was scatter brained at times, and bit ‘jumpy’. My daily 2 coffees crept up to 3 on some days, so will try to bring this back down.
  • Next weekend I am visiting family, and my initial reaction is excitement but also worry that I will undo all the hard work I have done. I know better than this though – it takes more than a couple of days to fuck up progress. The weight gain and general fluffiness which you see after a day or two of alcohol and extra carbs is mostly water, and will dissipate after a day or two in your usual routine – so if you feel anxious about this then just don’t step on the scale for a day or two (or at all!) and be patient. Remember that small changes are better than none, and that nothing worth having comes quickly or easy! Relax and enjoy yourself, you deserve it.


6 x CrossFit classes (366 average calorie burn)

Average daily steps: 15,925

Average daily calorie burn: 2411

(worked out from FitBit)


Weight: 9 stone 2lbs average (-1.5lb)

Body Fat: 25.4% average (-0.3%)

Average calorie intake: 1991 (-420 deficit)


Photo wise not a huge change this week, perhaps my chest has shrunk a bit? *sigh* I also had my extensions removed and hair dyed! A slower change which I expected as I settle into the calories. I did burn more overall, and also ate a little more.

Everything is still moving in the right direction progress wise, so there is no need to change my calories or macros etc until fat loss stalls. It may be tempting to speed things up but long term this makes you vulnerable to increased hunger, low energy and general unhappiness. Stay consistent and you see results. Period. As always, to see my food diary visit here and follow me on Instagram for daily updates and meals.

How have you got on this week?

Elly x


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