So it’s been a full week since I started tracking my calories, weight, body fat %, water intake and my mental health.

Being dead honest, it’s been quite easy. And I put that down to a few reasons:

  1. It’s the first week of January. Most people are avoiding alcohol, unhealthy foods and going out, so there have been no temptations around to entice me. Although I did survive the pub on Saturday night with no alcohol – had pizza instead 😉
  2. I am not in a huge calorie deficit. And nor do you need to be! The best way to lose body fat and keep muscle mass (which is what gives you that toned look, and what you’ve worked so hard for) is to reduce calories gradually. So I have stuck to a 300-400 calorie deficit.
  3. I haven’t cut out any food groups. Just stuck within 10% of my macros 6/7 days.
  4. I have not tried to ‘fix’ all of my bad habits at once. There was no way I was throwing away that beautiful homemade Christmas pudding from my friend John, so I had small portions every day and just fit them into my calorie allowance. See my food diary to see how.
  5. My hormones are stable. I’m at the lovely point in my menstrual cycle where you feel mostly balanced, strong and calm. Wish it could stay this way!

My successes this week include:

  • Successfully drinking at least 3 litres of water a day with help from some flavouring from lemon and squash.
  • Eating more fruit and vegetables. I had a portion of greens or berries with each meal, and an apple a day.
  • I’ve booked myself a hair appointment for next week to treat myself. I also had a bath complete with bubbles, a hair mask and a face mask – had forgotten how good they are.

Some things to work on next week are:

  • Making sure I hit my protein. There were a couple of days where I was a bit under, so next week I am increasing the quantity of lean protein and have bought some protein powder.
  • I am prepping more meals in advance next week, which will prevent getting caught out at any point. Also trying out some new recipes and homemade protein balls.
  • Push hard at the gym. It was a decent week workout wise – I turned up, worked hard and sweated, however I still feel like I had some energy left in the tank. The puppy is old enough now to go for slightly longer walks, so I’ll add in some new routes next week.
  • Consistency. I overate on my calories one day which pulled the average intake up. Not a big deal, but something to watch out for!


4 x Crossfit (average 360 calorie burn)

1 x Upper Body weights session (145 calorie burn)

1 x Walk/Run 2.5miles (350 calorie burn)

Average daily steps: 14,347

Average daily calorie burn: 2314

(worked out from FitBit)


Weight: 9 st 3.5lbs average (-3.75lb)

Body Fat: 25.7% average (-1.6%)

Average calorie intake: 1965 (-349 deficit)


During the first week or two of fat loss it is not unusual to see big drops, as the body gets used to less calories. It is pretty much impossible to lose nearly four pounds of body fat in 7 days, so I am attributing my weight loss to mostly water. That being said, from the photos you can see I do look a smidgen leaner around the mid-section. But this is just week 1!

Going to keep going and see how I get on this week. As always, to see my food diary visit here and follow me on Instagram for daily updates and meals.

How have you got on this week?

Elly x

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