You’d think working as a Personal Trainer and Nutrition Advisor would put me in the perfect position to be super healthy, super lean all year round, and strong as hell.

Well it’s true, the situation is pretty good, but unfortunately I am still a female human complete with a busy life, hormones, a sugar addiction and stress. So the reality is that right now, at the end of December 2017 I’m not exactly any of those things.

That’s not to say I’m unhealthy, overweight or weak at all. In fact this year I made some pretty big changes to my training. Last December I had just completed a power-building strength cycle (Layne Norton’s PHAT programme) and was looking for a new challenge. A new Crossfit box opened near my house, and curious to see what all the fuss was about, I went along for a few taster sessions. It took me until July, but I eventually switched to the dark side and went for full-time Crossfit classes. You may think it strange that a PT would not want to manage their own training, however the main reason I entered the industry was because I LOVE being coached. Just because I can programme my own training (which I still do for one session per week) why would I give up the opportunity to learn from such great coaches?

Anyway I digress… my main point is that I love my current training regime: it is challenging, I have enough goals to last a lifetime and most importantly I love it and look forward to going (PS. aim for this, seriously!) So if that’s not what’s stopping me reaching optimal body composition then what is?

The issue is food.

Of course it is. The cliche of body composition being 80% diet and 20% training exists for a reason. Again I don’t want this to come across as ungratefulness for my body shape, as I am happy with the way I look. More on this later.

At Pinnacle Health and Fitness, I run small group body transformation programmes, classes, and have one-to-one clients. I have the opportunity to be the best role model I can be and really help people to feel happier in their own skin. The majority of my clients want to look leaner, whether this is by building muscle, losing body fat or a combination of the two. My job is to coach them through this by encouraging them through workouts and teaching them about nutrition, but also providing support and giving them accountability. Because fat loss is hard. I feel the best way for me to help people is to use personal experience, to go through a fat loss phase myself. One of my main goals for 2018 as both a PT and an individual, is to empower others. To inspire people like you. To show that if I can do it – with my endless appetite for cake and penchant for beer – then so can you.

So this leads me on to the main point of this blog post, which is to announce and make public that I will be documenting my fat loss journey between January and February 2018 (and maybe beyond..)

And I want you to join me.

I’ve always admired those who keep this up; the majority of my clients own their own businesses, have families to look after and have the world of jobs to get through everyday but they figure it out, and their results are amazing. So I’m joining them.

I’m going to put myself in my clients shoes’, sort my nutrition out and get my act together. Please don’t think I’m going to sugar coat any of this. I will record as much as possible, the good, the bad and the ugly, so you can see the ups and downs of a mini-cut. You will see the before and afters too.

I may not be the biggest person in the world but currently I’m not in the best place mentally, my confidence has dropped significantly and no one should feel unhappy in their own skin. So allow me to share my experience with you, tears and all and maybe you can share yours too.

We don’t need a new year, new month or even new week to set new goals – all we need is now and to simply go for it. January feels like a good a time to start as any.

This is my Best Self Project.

The next blog post will outline my plan of action, including training and nutrition, my starting stats, my ‘before’ photo (eek!), my goals and what I’m going to use to track progress.

No more excuses. The excuses you make today will be the regrets you have at the end of your life. So think about that, and now go take action! Let’s do this together! Let me know if you want to join me on my Instagram, where I’ll be using my insta-story and photo feed to document it all – meals, feelings, motivation and progress. It doesn’t have to be a fat loss goal – it can be anything. If you have any questions or want some advice on how you can reach your goals then send me a message, I’ll try to help 🙂

Love Elly xx


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